Your JDV membership unlocks significant benefits and immerses you into a global community that distinguishes itself through the genuine connections and relationships that are established and transcends borders.


  • Exclusive VIP Access to all JDV lifestyle events and curated travel experiences.
  • Member only prices on special events and experiences curated by JDV Lifestyle Group and our affiliate partners.
  • Complimentary Invitations to members only appreciation events in various cities and countries.


  • Network with global professionals and expand your reach into new markets, collaborate with some of the most sought after thought leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs and professionals across all industries.

Lifestyle Experts

  • Personalized global concierge services for exclusive access to restaurants, shows, events and special occasion requests.

To ensure an exclusive and personalized JDV experience, we only accept a limited amount of members globally each year.  Our annual membership fee is only paid upon acceptance into JDV Lifestyle Group. Your submission of an application does not guarantee immediate membership into JDV Lifestyle Group.